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The brand name RÖMERTOPF® celebrates its 50. birthday – celebrate with us!

RÖMERTOPF® celebrates its 50. birthday and looks proudly back to 50 years of “ideas for natural cooking” which has ever been the slogan of the brand.

RÖMERTOPF® has been presented and introduced on the international market for the very first time in 1967. Since that time RÖMERTOPF® stands for the fat free, natural and healthy cooking in a clay baker people who love to cook just cannot do without.

The brand RÖMERTOPF® is a registered brand-name.

The brand RÖMERTOPF® celebrates its 40. birthday – we invite you to celebrate with us!

It was many years ago – during the end of the sixties – that RÖMERTOPF® was first introduced at the trade fair in Hannover by the Eduard Bay GmbH, a prominent company dealing in ceramics from the Westerwald.

It was, by far, the new discovery in the kitchen utensil market. This new cooking method – by steaming foodstuffs and allowing it to braise in it´s own juices, which is the healthiest way to prepare meals without using additional fat, became the perfect example for healthy nutrition.

In the course of the following years, RÖMERTOPF® has expanded worldwide, making it the indisputable market leader. The label “ RÖMERTOPF®” is today a label for quality, and, at the same time, represents the company’s promise in manufacturing exceptional products.

Because of the worldwide registered patent, the consumer is guaranteed that when buying a product from RÖMERTOPF®, you are always purchasing the unmistakable original.

In 1997, the brand name RÖMERTOPF® was given over to RÖMERTOPF® Ceramics GmbH, which continued to manufacture the traditional pots made from natural clay. As a product from ancient Germany, RÖMERTOPF® is made from the indigenous clay deposit´s, which are only found at this location, and so rightly deserves the label “Made in Germany” – and in this regard, nothing will change.

In our medium-sized company, we manufacture RÖMERTOPF® through the use of special processes from high-quality natural clay in order to satisfy our demanding requirements. This guarantees the continious and unalterable qualities of RÖMERTOPF® products, which have been satisfying customers for years.

We have already taken up the cause of healthy nutrition and we know, according to Schopenhauer, health is not everything, but everything is nothing without it. To this important piece of philosophy of life we would like to add that, in all probability, the most important contribution to a healthy way of living, in keeping up with the times, is the right nutrition.

Our company’s success is due considerably to the people who work here. Everyone makes heir own contribution, as in a big family, and makes it successful. In the daily business chaos, we know that working together successfully is an indispensable motivating factor towards success and that is why we take special care of our work environment. Employee turnover only occurs when one decides to retire.

Over 25 million RÖMERTOPF® pots have been produced over the years which has given many people the possibility to experience the easy and healthy way of preparing meals. RÖMERTOPF® is easy to handle and cooks, after the items are placed in the pan, almost by it´self. In it´s natural color, red, RÖMERTOPF® is natural, simple, and has a timeless beauty and elegance.

RÖMERTOPF® products are supported through a variety of marketing strategies. Up to 100 million press releases per year and many television and radio ads demonstrate that RÖMERTOPF® is a classic, and lies at the cutting edge of contemporary trends to suit modern living.






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